The Collector

“The Collector” is the third and final single from Erebe’s upcoming album, “AEON”, which is due for release on April 22.

This epic album closer has the honour of being graced by Luc Lemay of Gorguts, whose menacing growls give theatrical life to a very dark yet heavily contrasted track. Towards the end, the song merges brass, percussion, ambient female vocals, and a pummelling eight-string guitar to wrap up the record in true apocalyptic fashion.

Listen to “The Collector” via your preferred digital platform now:

Erebe commented:

With “The Collector”, we wanted to take the listener on a deeper trip trough our sonic world – into a journey between pure light and smothering darkness. From doomy parts to prog-like choruses, we chose to set no limits to our metallic arsenal. The creation of this track stretched over a long time. The bridge – which features vocals by Max – was one of the very first parts we wrote for the album, whereas the rest came together in increments all throughout the composition process. We are proud to be joined by Gorguts’ mastermind Luc Lemay, whose voice embodies The Collector on the way to meet his own end – as a spatial reaper relieved of duty, with no more souls to collect in the void of existence.

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