Shame Drifter – new single from De Arma

The time has come to unveil the second single from De Arma’s upcoming EP, “Nightcall” – due for release by Silent Future Recordings on May 6, 2022

Listen to “Shame Drifter”:

“Shame Drifter” stands with one leg in familiar De Arma territory – filled to the brim with bittersweet, longing melodies swirling around the intricate vocal arrangements – and the other firmly on untrodden paths. This is what we imagine the orphaned child birthed by early Depeche Mode and Drab Majesty and then raised by Cause & Effect would end up sounding like. Cold but driven synth pop that could just as well have been narrated by the voice of a young Dave Gahan.

The band commented:

The strong influences we’ve drawn from the 80s truly shine through on this song. Another development which soon becomes apparent is that the foremost difference between this EP and “Strayed in Shadows” lies in the percussion. Instead of an acoustic drum kit, we’ve been experimenting with some old-school drum samples courtesy of Roland and Korg. As for the thematic content – the title pretty much speaks for itself. “Shame Drifter” is about being trapped in a lonesome existence with guilt and remorse as your only company.

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