Wittgensteins Dödslängtan


  1. Bad Rider
  2. Hell
  3. Äntligen

Released 2018-09-02





The Austrian logic philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein was described as “the most perfect example of a genius” by his peers. An author, multi-millionaire, teacher and a mechanical engineer. But also a madman, abuser and mean spirited. Brought up under silence and neglect. Three out of his five brothers would commit suicide and he volunteered to both world wars in hope to be killed. When he finally got his death sentence at the age of 62, by doctors who told him he might only live a few more days he replied: “Finally!”. If Ludwig Wittgenstein were a band it would be Wittgensteins Dödslängtan. A two piece show with as much joie de vivre as Ludwig.