Inter, CD

Limited Edition Digipak CD incl. 12 page booklet.


1. Aurora
2. Neptun I
3. Tyche
4. Jenseits des Höhenzugs
5. Zerfall des Lichts
6. Et In Arcadia Ego

Release date: March 10


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“INTER”, the debut album of German black metal quartet Fagus, offers six epic dirges deeply saturated with an eerily mesmerising ambience. The songs and arrangements are meticulously woven together, with the band having invested plenty of time and effort into an extensive pre-production process – during which the material underwent a comprehensive transformation from the initial draft to its final version. Consequently, when Fagus entered the studio, they had forged a crystal-clear understanding of what they wanted to accomplish and were able to initiate full tunnel-vision.

Once they emerged from the studio, they carried with them a comprehensive work of black metal fuelled by an atmosphere which, thanks to the tasteful interludes linking all the tracks together, does not let up from the first moment to the last. With some of its members involved in non-metal projects, there are plenty of influences from other forms of music – all processed through the lens of black metal. The result is a unique opus with many different layers to explore, likely to appeal to fans of bands like Imperium Dekadenz and Tardigrada.

“INTER” will be released by Silent Future Recordings on March 10, 2023. Recording, mixing, and mastering was performed by Christoph Brandes at Iguana Studios in the Black Forest, Germany.