The Final War Approaching

CD / LP / MC


1. Deathminded
2. Sign of Evil
3. The Final War Approaching
4. Skogens Mörka Djup
5. Unholy Sacrifice
6. Undergång
7. Död & Pina
8. My Eternal Journey

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Armagedda’s debut album, “The Final War Approaching”, is a hateful slab of youthful fervour. Originally released by the iconic cult label Sombre Record in 2001, this is black metal distilled to its purest, most unadulterated form. While drenched in lo-fi minimalism, the production is absolute perfection for the material. The piercing guitar leads cut through a dense fog of reverb, while the prominent bass and drums impart a malevolent force – all of which culminates in a sinister authenticity, inimitable and true.