Only True Believers

CD / LP / MC


1. Refuse The Blood of Jesus
2. Only True Believers
3. Emperor From The Eternal Dark
4. For I Am His Slave
5. Poetry From A Poisoned Mind
6. Demons
7. F.T.W
8. Endless Fields of Sorrow
9. Ghostwood

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With “Only True Believers” (2003), Sweden’s Armagedda carved out a legacy in the black metal renaissance of the early 2000s. Building further on the “Under a Funeral Moon” (Darkthrone) worship of “The Final War Approaching” (2001), Armagedda cemented a foundation of their own. “Only True Believers” is a masterclass in the art of balance, merging the feverish, swinging rhythm of the relentless drumming – courtesy of Erik Danielsson of WATAIN – with evocative, dark melodies and rabid oration.

• Produced in Necromorbus Studio by T. Stjerna
• Artwork by E. Danielsson