Introducing Fagus

Silent Future Recordings are proud to announce a collaboration with German black metal quartet Fagus. Their debut album, “INTER” – six epic dirges deeply saturated with an eerily mesmerising ambience – will be released early next year.

Fagus was founded in Munich, Germany, around the year 2010. After performing a few local concerts, they recorded five songs for a mini-CD called “Urgewalt”. Since then, they have been working on their debut album – envisioning the entirety, composing the music, and piecing everything together. Fagus entered Iguana Studios in June 2020 and worked intermittently until the summer of 2021. After wrapping up the studio session, their paths crossed with Silent Future Recordings and an agreement to collaborate was reached.


The band commented:

As we were working out the final details of “INTER” after a long period of passionate and persistent efforts, our paths crossed with Andreas Pettersson – founder and owner of Silent Future Recordings and Nordvis – who immediately expressed interest in our work. After some deeper exchanges about the background of Fagus and our upcoming album, we felt a very sound personal and professional connection.

We got the impression that Andreas’ philosophies are profoundly shaped by the North, as well as driven by nature and atmosphere – and so is our music. We decided to release our album via Silent Future Recordings, as the label gave us the opportunities and freedoms we were looking for: a dreamy and melancholic yet still raw, dark, and edgy spirit. An open mind far away from entrenched musical paths and firmly anchored to the necessary trust in the long-time experiences of the characters behind the label.

Fagus in social media: