Introducing Erebe



Silent Future Recordings proudly present a true artistic enigma from western France: Erebe.

Drawing influences from sources as diverse as contemporary music, ambient electronics, shoegaze, and extreme metal, they fuse everything together in complex song structures woven together and then executed in a masterful fashion. Perhaps somewhere between the realms of progressive rock and post-metal. As far as comparisons go, Opeth, The Ocean, Karnivool, Katatonia, and The Contortionist all come to mind at various points in this multifaceted masterpiece.

One of the main songwriters, rhythm guitarist Augustin Braud, is an accomplished and award-winning contemporary classical composer. Paired with several equally talented musicians from various artistic backgrounds, the end result is “AEON”. Erebe’s debut album will be released on April 22, 2022.

The band commented:

‘We feel greatly honoured that Silent Future Recordings chose to put their trust in Erebe and guide us through our debut album release. We are stoked to release “AEON”, a post-progressive metal LP encapsulating many individual influences merged in order to conjure up different elaborate soundscapes. The musical research and the resulting plurality, as we see it, fits with the intention of Silent Future Recordings: to promote original records with full respect to the artists’ choices. Andreas’ reactivity, consideration, and kindness have left us with complete confidence for what comes next.’