Introducing Blestemat


Sweden’s Blestemat is a conduit for an inescapable darkness, a black void that both consumes and enlightens. The band’s founder, Carl (Blodtår, Morcaint), speaks of an existential vacuum, a surge so potent that it becomes a primary emissary for his artistic expression.

Whilst drawing inspiration from the black metal renaissance of the 2000s, the so-called orthodox current, Blestemat is more than a mere tribute. It’s a continuation of a lineage from which younger artists might draw inspiration. Blestemat seeks not to just participate in the narrative but to become a foundational element, offering a palette of sinister profundity for others to interpret.

The band’s philosophy is that black metal is not a genre for discussions or earthly concerns – but rather a primal force, a clarion call to those who stand in opposition to the very fabric of the universe. Blestemat’s music doesn’t seek to engage in conversation; it aims to overwhelm, to assert a presence diametrically opposed to the mundane.

“Poisonous Metal” – the first offering by Blestemat – will be released on March 22.