Erebe unveil new single and music video

Today, French eccentrics Erebe present the the music video and single “Replicate”, taken from their upcoming debut album “Aeon”, due for release on April 22.

“Replicate” incorporates elements from both shoegaze and contemporary music, but also features the band’s signature melodies as heard in the first single, “Drowned”. According to the band, “Replicate” is a song about the dehumanisation process inherent in the modern condition, one which leaves us severed from both nature and our selves – trapped in an endless cycle of menial workdays.

Listen to ‘Replicate’ via your preferred digital platform now:

Erebe commented:

“Replicate” showcases some of the slower-paced facets of our craft. Here we have drawn plenty of influence from shoegaze with Hugo, Max, and Gus trading vocals in a reverb-drenched chorus. To contrast this, we wrote a bridge – based on various unsettling dissonances often associated with contemporary music – which then erupts in intense screams and virtuoso guitar solos. Conceived during the first lockdown of France, it was the final song we wrote for the album. Whereas the musical expression represents a desire to free oneself from this increasingly controlling society, the lyrics reflect feelings of captivity, surveillance, and repetitive tasks.