De Arma drops new single

Swedish goth rockers De Arma return with their new single “After Dark, You’re There”. Taken from the upcoming EP “Nightcall” – due for release on May 6.

Listen to “After Dark, You’re There”:

While still firmly rooted in atmospheric melancholia, “After Dark, You’re There” shows a somewhat heavier side of De Arma’s current musical manifestation. It perfectly captures their unique ability to extract the most emotional and wistful elements from metal music and then infuse them into endless layers of cold, 80s synth melodies. The track sounds a bit like Paradise Lost at a darkwave festival, with Interpol performing My Dying Bride covers as openers.

Andreas commented:

I often ask myself – is this song about a woman? The Devil? Or something a bit more mundane, such as alcohol? Perhaps it’s a combination of all three. I suppose this interpretation is in constant fluctuation, and always will be. Now that I’ve started to get some distance from the new recordings, I can detect clear traces of Fields of the Nephilim in this one. It has a kind of ravaged feeling, despite being rather dreamy and soothing. “After Dark” is quite different from the remaining two tracks – both of which differ somewhat from one another. Despite its different presentation, this is definitely the material that’s closest to what we’ve done in the past.


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