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  • De ArmaIntroducing De Arma

      Silent Future Recordings announces new signing: Swedish gothic rock band De Arma. De Arma was founded in 2009 by guitarist, vocalist, and bass player Andreas Pettersson. After the 2011 “Towards the Shores of the End” split with British band Fen, they released their debut album – “Lost, Alien & Forlorn” – in February 2013. […]

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  • ErebeIntroducing Erebe

      Silent Future Recordings proudly present a true artistic enigma from western France: Erebe. Drawing influences from sources as diverse as contemporary music, ambient electronics, shoegaze, and extreme metal, they fuse everything together in complex song structures woven together and then executed in a masterful fashion. Perhaps somewhere between the realms of progressive rock and […]

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  • The Stars Below, The Seas Above

    Kraken Duumvirate reveals second track from their upcoming debut album “The Stars Below, The Seas Above”. The title track is now available via your preferred digital music service. “Kraken Duumvirate has zoomed out to the max, painted with intergalactically large brushstrokes and created a nightmare-like funeral doom piece of proportions that would make HP Lovecraft […]

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  • Kraken Duumvirate unveil new album

      Finnish Doom Metal duo KRAKEN DUUMVIRATE unveils details for their massive debut album “The Stars Below, The Seas Above”. The album is scheduled for release on October 16th on CD and Digital. Tracklist: Star-Spawn II The Temple IV The Stars Below, The Seas Above VI Queen, Arise

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