“Aurora” – new single from Fagus

“Aurora” is the second single from the upcoming debut album of German black metal quartet Fagus. “INTER” will be released on CD and digital formats on March 10, 2023



“INTER” is a comprehensive work fuelled by an atmosphere which, thanks to the tasteful interludes linking all the tracks together, does not let up from the first moment to the last. With some of its members involved in non-metal projects, there are plenty of influences from other forms of music – all processed through the lens of black metal. The result is a unique opus with many different layers to explore, likely to appeal to fans of bands like Imperium Dekadenz and Tardigrada.

The band commented:

Framed by the darkness of night, “Aurora” describes the vigour of light blazing a trail through the endless cosmos. The spectral, unforeseeable, and fragile appearance of “Aurora” was implemented through the song’s reduced and clean middle section, which is surrounded by harsh guitar patterns and blasting drums expressing the mercilessness of the dark and cold Nordic winter. Musical descriptions of nature phenomena, such as the northern lights, are a leitmotif of Fagus.


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