EREBE seeks to reconcile ethereal atmospheres inherited from post-rock with an energetic progressive metal, sometimes drawing inspiration from more extreme music. Their songs demonstrate complex soundscapes where vocals are permeating through dense textures. Compositions navigate at the edge of tonality while retaining a melodic quality that shines through an instrumentation where analog synths, acoustic guitars or livebrass coalesce with the band instruments’ precise counterpoint and unique three-vocal assault, as the variety of Hugo’s lead vocals is often flourished by spatial harmonies.

In AEON, their first offering since coming as a single entity in 2019, the band delivers seven highly personal compositions spanning just over forty minutes, exploring themes of grief from both subjective and narrative perspectives, finding inspiration from contemporary art practices and literature as well as individual experiences. A beautiful yet menacing artwork by Simon Fowler (Earth, Sunn o))), Year of no Light) encapsulates the figure of the Collector before and after its fall, giving birth again to the fragmented souls he trapped.

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