Armagedda was initially conceptualised in 1999, under the name Volkermord. Following a celebrated demo, they caught the attention of Akhenaten of US black metal icon Judas Iscariot, who signed them to his Breath of Night Records. The agreement included a vinyl licensing deal with the cult German label Sombre Records.

By the time they recorded their debut album, the 2001 “The Final War Approaching”, the project had been rebranded as Armagedda. Having now solidified their position among the top tier of Swedish black metal, Armagedda went on to achieve sinister immortality with their next two albums, “Only True Believers” (2003) and “Ond spiritism” (2004).

Shortly after the release of “Ond spiritism”, Armagedda announced that the project was retreating into the shadows. They lingered there for seventeen years, until making a surprise return in 2020 with “Svindeldjup ättestup”. The band has not been heard from since.